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Be the envy of your friends with Evrycard.
The last Digital business card you will ever need!

Choose your premade design template. Transfer your contact details by tap or scan!

Share. Anything. Anywhere.

Compatible digital business card for all phones, no app needed!

Either tap your Evrycard digital business cards on any modern smartphone, or scan the QR code using the camera on older models!

Evrycard works by using innovative wireless NFC Technology.

Add your details directly to contacts

Share your Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin + more!

Update your profile any time!

An innovative solution to the outdated business card!

I just received my Evrycard which allows me to just tap someone’s phone to give them my contact details. No more carrying around stacks of cardboard to every meeting!

Unbelievable technology and definitely the future of contact exchange.

Steve Davis, WHG Retail

Out with the old, in with the new!

The Evrycard is definitely a conversation starter! I’ve even signed a new contract becuase we looked so tech!

New environment friendly business cards full of grooviness! We love them!

Zach Watson, Blessed Music Group

To all my small business Mama Bears out there, I have found the coolest new must-have accessory for your business in 2020!

The Evrycard lets you share all your details with just a tap – its the future!!

Megan Smith, Welovewax

I love new tech that makes our lives easier to connect and save time.

A personalised “tap and go” business card that makes it much easier and quicker to share contact details.

I hate carrying lots of business cards and even worse forgetting them so this will come in super handy.

Jono Grigg, HTB Lettings
Digital business card

“I just received my new contactless business card from the team at Evrycard and I’m amazed at how effortless this new technology is to use.

With my new Evrycard I can easily tap my digital business card on someone’s phone to pass across my contact details. Not to mention the sleek aesthetic… This card looks and feels great!

I love new tech that makes it easier to connect and network.

Eve Riley • Moore Accountants

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Original price was: £40.00.Current price is: £24.99.

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