Evrycard: Digital Business card – A brief overview.

Have you experienced the frustration of exchanging business cards only to lose track of them the very next day? Did you know that a substantial 27 million business cards are printed annually? Unsurprisingly, a whopping 88 percent of them end up in the trash within a week. This issue demands a solution!

A recent example: I returned from a business meeting, and I found myself with a hefty pile of 30 traditional business cards. The real excitement, however, begins now. Since business cards are physical, my goal is to have them integrated into my MailChimp CRM. Undoubtedly, the prospect of the next day is not exactly thrilling.

In the realm of professional networking, Evrycard emerged as a strategic response to the limitations and environmental impact of traditional paper business cards. This innovation was born out of a necessity to provide a more efficient, versatile, and eco-friendly solution for sharing contact information, which is an indispensable part of any business interaction.

Evrycard leverages advanced technology to offer a digital business card that not only effectively addresses the shortcomings of its paper counterpart but also aligns with the sustainability goals in the corporate world.

As we unfold the story of Evrycard, we invite you to explore the compelling reasons behind its inception and the potential it holds for revolutionizing business communication in the digital age.

Problems With Traditional Business Cards

The conventional business card, often hailed as a networking staple, surprisingly harbors a multitude of inefficiencies and shortcomings that hinder its potential in today’s digital age. The key problem lies in the limited utility of paper-based cards, notably their incompatibility with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This inability to integrate physical business cards into CRM systems creates a data gap, impeding the tracking and management of business interactions.

Evrycard, a digital business card solution, seamlessly addresses this issue by facilitating effortless integration with CRM systems. Moreover, the long-term effectiveness of Evrycard far outstrips that of traditional business cards, providing enduring value in a rapidly evolving digital landscape. By embracing Evrycard, businesses can eliminate inefficiencies, enhance their networking capabilities, and leap confidently into the future of digital networking.

The Birth of Evrycard

Born out of a profound need to revolutionize the traditional networking landscape, Evrycard emerged as a dynamic solution, ingeniously combining the appeal of physical cards with the convenience and versatility of digital technology.

This innovative approach has significantly reshaped networking practices, leading to Evrycard’s considerable impact in the sector.

With its unique blend of design and functionality, Evrycard has established a new standard for business cards, transforming them into vibrant, interactive tools of communication that transcend the limitations of their predecessors.

More than just a novelty, Evrycard represents the future of the digital business card world, embodying a vision of networking that is as sustainable as it is efficient, and as versatile as it is professional.

Features and Benefits of Evrycard

Diving into the world of Evrycard, one discovers a wealth of features and benefits, masterfully designed to address the shortcomings of traditional business cards and to provide a cutting-edge, interactive, and highly effective networking solution.

With Evrycard’s digital business card, gone are the days of lost or discarded cards. The innovative feature of real-time updates ensures that your information is always current and relevant. No more re-printing cards due to changes in your contact details or job title.

Evrycard also introduces easy digital saving. With just a tap, your contact data is swiftly transferred from your card to the recipient’s phone, ensuring that you are just a click away.

This fusion of convenience, dynamism, and sleek design makes Evrycard not just a card, but a game-changer in the world of professional networking.

Making First Impressions With Evrycard

Continuing this exploration of Evrycard’s groundbreaking features, we now turn our attention to the remarkable role it plays in crafting unforgettable first impressions.

Evrycard is more than a digital business card; it’s a tool for creating memorable connections and enhancing networking experiences.

  1. Premium Design: With its sleek, professional look, Evrycard instantly captures attention, setting the tone for a sophisticated interaction.
  2. Interactive Experience: The tap-to-link feature transforms a simple introduction into an engaging interaction, making your exchange stand out. 
  3. Customization: Evrycard’s customization features allow it to reflect your unique personal brand, further enhancing your first impression.
  4. Sustainability: By choosing Evrycard, you signal your commitment to sustainability, making a positive impression before a word is even spoken.

In this digital age, Evrycard is your key to unforgettable first impressions.

Versatility of Evrycard

The adaptability of Evrycard sets it apart, offering unparalleled versatility that can be tailored to meet the distinctive needs of professionals across various industries.

With customization options at the helm, Evrycard’s digital business card evolves beyond a simple contact-sharing tool, transforming into a dynamic platform that mirrors the unique persona of its user.

For sales teams, the benefits are considerable. By integrating Evrycard into their operations, sales professionals can promptly share product demos, customer testimonials, or enticing promotional offers, providing a rich, interactive experience to potential clients. This not only amplifies their sales pitch but also fosters meaningful connections.

Fuelled by a passion for innovation, Evrycard is a powerful testament to the blend of creativity and functionality, redefining the traditional business card paradigm.

Customization Options for Artists and Influencers

Not restricted to the business world, Evrycard’s exceptional adaptability makes it a compelling tool for artists and influencers, offering a suite of customization options to effectively showcase their unique brand and creativity.

  • Evrycard allows artists and influencers to create a digital portfolio, where they can showcase their work or content, making it accessible with just a tap.
  • It includes customization options for integrating social media handles, ensuring a cohesive cross-platform presence.
  • Evrycard provides an interactive platform where artists and influencers can engage their audience with dynamic content.
  • Lastly, with the ability to update information in real-time, its benefits for artists and influencers include staying current with their evolving brand or portfolio, an indispensable advantage in the digital age.

Environmental Impact of Evrycard

In an era where sustainability is paramount, Evrycard emerges as a beacon of eco-friendly practices in the realm of networking and business communication. The main advantage of digital business card is – They stretch beyond convenience and modernity, contributing significantly to reducing paper waste.

Each Evrycard replaces multiple traditional cards, which are often lost or discarded, thus mitigating the felling of trees for paper production. With over 27 million business cards printed annually, the impact of this shift can be monumental.

Evrycard’s digital solution not only provides a dynamic and interactive experience but also aligns with global sustainability efforts. We are not just transforming business networking; we are passionately contributing to a greener planet, one digital card at a time.

Evrycard and Sustainability Goals

Building on our commitment to a greener planet, let’s further explore how Evrycard aligns with broader sustainability goals.

Evrycard’s sustainability practices are designed to reduce the impact on our carbon footprint in several ways:

  1. Tree Preservation: By opting for a digital card, we prevent the needless felling of trees for paper production.
  2. Plastic Recycling: The physical card is made of recyclable PVC, promoting reusability and reducing waste.
  3. Recyclable Materials: We have materials like PETG which can be recyclable up to 60%.
  4. Energy Efficiency: The production process of Evrycards consumes less energy compared to traditional paper cards, contributing to lower carbon emissions.
  5. Longevity: Evrycards’ durability ensures extended use, reducing the need for frequent replacements and thus conserving resources.

Evrycard is more than a digital business card; it’s a step toward a sustainable future.

Cost Comparison: Evrycard Vs Traditional

Exploring the financial landscape of networking tools reveals a striking cost advantage with Evrycard when compared to traditional business cards. The significant cost savings associated with Evrycard are undeniable, as it provides an efficient, one-time investment as opposed to the recurring expenses of traditional business cards.

An ROI comparison further amplifies this advantage, as Evrycard offers a sustainable solution that not only enhances networking capabilities but also contributes to environmental preservation. The digital nature of Evrycard eliminates the need for constant reprinting due to changes in contact information, thus saving both time and money.

This economical and eco-friendly approach to networking is what makes Evrycard an innovative and superior choice, revolutionizing the concept of business cards.

Shipping and Delivery Details

Punctuating the advantages of Evrycard further, the shipping and delivery process is streamlined and efficient, typically ensuring your digital business card reaches you within five working days. This is possible thanks to:

  1. A robust shipping tracking system that provides real-time updates on the status of your order.
  2. The use of reliable courier services that pledge prompt and punctual delivery. by the way, Evrycard usually ships within 1-5 working days.
  3. An array of international delivery options makes Evrycard available worldwide.
  4. A dedicated customer service team is ready to handle any queries or issues with your delivery.

We believe in providing a seamless and transparent delivery process for our customers. Our commitment to efficiency and convenience underscores every step of the Evrycard experience, ensuring that you receive your digital business card quickly and without any hassle.


In conclusion, Evrycard is a pioneering solution that addresses the inefficiencies and environmental issues associated with traditional business cards.

Its innovative design, interactive digital experience, and commitment to sustainability position it as a game-changer in professional networking.

In the digital era, Evrycard is a tool that ups the networking game, whether it’s that first impression or ease of use. The chances of you closing that deal are significantly higher and so is the ROI if you take into account the average company spends £80 per employee per year on business cards. You can get an Evrycard Standard for £25 and a custom Evrycard Pro printed with your logo for £40.